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Hand Engraving

The art of hand engraving has been practiced by artisans down through the ages, from primitive times, through the Victorian era, to the modern day. Hand engravers in every time have incised designs and images on everything from cave walls to bone, from pottery and every kind of metal. A wide variety of items in many materials are available from Peter Kellers, including:
* Rings                                         * Pendants                                          * Money Clips
* Plaques                                 * Brooches                                        * Pins
Engraving Materials
Like a wood carver, today's hand engraver shapes his medium with tools very similar to those used in the past. Peter knows metals from his years as a machinist. When engraving any material the engraver must understand the capabilities and limitations of his mediums. Peter has been asked by local jewelers to do work that they are not capable of doing. Custom Engraving is available by Peter Kellers on many mediums including, but not limited to:
* Sterling Silver                                                        * Gold                                              * Stainless Steel
* Brass                                                                     * Copper                                          * German Silver
* Pewter                                                                  * Glass
About Peter Kellers
Peter Kellers has a background in drafting, design, engineering, and general machining, which complements his artistic talent and manual dexterity. This skill set enables him to create original designs and embellish them with graceful hand engraving. Peter does absolutely beautiful work - not shallow engraving, but beautiful hand engraving that simply cannot be done by machines.

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Peter created and engraved this beautiful walking stick - it is done in the manner of a walking
       stick belonging to George Washington that is on display in the museum at Mount Vernon.

We are pleased to announce that Peter has again been accepted by Early American Life Magazine as one of their selected artisans. His name appears in their 2011 listing.



Contact us at (215) 795 - 2548 in Perkasie Pennsylvania, to learn more about hand engraving for many materials.

Awards: 2008 Artisan Award for Early American Life Magazine | Directory of Early American Crafts, 2008


Peter Kellers Hand Engraving

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